Yin/Yang Couple Stretch Bracelet – Lava Stone and Howlite – Men/Women


As the balance of yin and yang, this powerful duo creates the perfect energy for a partnership of love, fire, and unity. Lava and howlite stones are combine to empower the relationship between you and your love one. He will wear the Lava one and she will wear the howlite one.

  • Angel: Support, protection, guidance.
  • Lava: Stability, grounding, motivation.
  • Howlite: Calming, patience.
  • Angel engraved in .925 Silver.
  • Stones: 8 mm

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Lava Stone is the fire energy that brings stability, grounding, motivation and fire in the relation. Its effective mood stabilizer cleanse your aura of negativity taking you over your naturally sunny disposition in your relationship. Get ready to fire up the engines of  passion into a magical spring of energy that will shift up the balance between you and your partner.

Howlite, A natural calming stone that helps to relieve rage by absorbing your anger helping to maintenance peace in your relation. This stone has the power to change your fortunes for the better, which is a basic point in a relation that needs to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress for a smooth and comprehensive partnership.

Both energies together balance the yin and yang creating a partnership that walk on the same path maintining the focus to get the goals as a unity.


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