Pink Flame Visualization – LOVE


Flames or light rays are the strongest healers and creators. On this visualization, you will be immersed in the powerful pink flame of LOVE, fulfilling your life with peace, love, power, and transformation.

Duration: 12:17 min

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All of our actions are motivated at our deepest level by one of two emotions: FEAR or LOVE! They are opposites, like the two faces of a coin and that is how the universe has been created: by duality. Every thought we have, every action we take are based on either love or fear. There are not middle points and any other emotion emerges from one of these. Each of us always has that inner voice or deepest thought that moves us to act with love or fear. And because of those thoughts, we repeat the same experience many times, in most cases with different scenarios but at the end are still the same.

This deepest visualization will lead you to be immersed in a pure pink ray of love, creating on you the peace and power that this emotion brings to each light being.

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