Serenity – Aquamarine & Citrine Necklace


A powerful necklace that carries the combination of Aquamarine stones which bring serenity and a peaceful radiation, and Citrine crystals which work on solar plexus chakra and are the stones of abundance, inner power and manifestation of light!

This lovely and peaceful necklace carries 150 gemstone beads which support peace, serenity, and intuition skills. 

– Crystals: Aquamarine & Citrine
– Material: 22 kt Gold Vermeil
– Necklace length: 36″
– Lotus Flower Pendant: 3/8″ length
– OM pendant: 1/4″ diameter



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A powerful necklace that invites to celebrate the purity of the body, speech, and mind through the flower lotus symbol. As the lotus symbolizes beauty and spirituality in many cultures, its presence in this powerful necklace is combined with the serenity that Aquamarine stones radiate and the manifestation light of  Citrine crystal. On the other side, it comes with a symbol that represents the OM, which is recognized as a sacred sound and considered the essence of the ultimate reality and consciousness.

NOTE: All our jewelry is hand made by artisans who create the pendants and charms; our gemstones come from small family operated mines who care about the crystals and mine with consciousness.

Every time you buy from us you are buying 100% real gemstones which are carefully cleaned, charged and programmed with positive intentions in our sacred room; at the same time you are supporting not only our family business, but also creating more job opportunities to other small businesses as well.


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