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Sage is a  sacred plant that has been known for its cleansing, purifying and clearing properties. It scent is revered for its ability to elevate the vibration and create a protection of the space that is cleans and person who used it. Put clear intentions while you use a “Sage Smudge Stick” to clear the mind, open up to forgiveness and release negativity. Burning sage and smudging through your house, office or around the aura creates a significant improve on the energy, specially after an argument, illness, having visitors, moving out to a new house/office space, prior meditation, cleaning your crystals, grieving, and helping those “lost” souls to move out and find their light.

Sage Smudge Stick Size: 4″

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The use of a sage smudge stick doesn’t need to be complicated; you can smudge by simply getting the clear intention to connect with the spirit of the sacred plant and bring cleansing to the object, space or aura that you are going to smudge. Burn on your sage and make sure you have an Avalon Shell or any other non-flammable bowl to catch the ashes; when wafting the sage around your space, be sure to clean all the doors, windows, closets, corners, etc. If you are passing it by your aura or others’ aura make sure to keep a proper distance to not burn yourself and for cleansing your crystals just put your intention and connect with the energy of the mineral. Make sure to have your windows open to allow ventilation and not be overwhelmed with the smoke.

To keep your home, space and aura vibrating with positive energy, it’s important to cleanse periodically, and you can double the energy cleansing with Palo Santo also as it makes your purifying practice more powerful.

During your Sage/Palo Santo smudging session, remember to invoke Archangel Michael for support and to stay focused on energy cleansing creating your own prayer like for example: “I ask the spirit of this sacred plant to connect me with the highest levels of love and light and cleanse all unwanted energies”. For more information about cleansing you can read this post: “How To Smudge Your House, Office or yourself.”

Store your Sage Smudge Stick in a dry place. All our sales are final on this item. Keep out of reach of flammable materials, children and animals.


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