Raw Abalone Shell


Abalone healing properties are energies of protection and emotional balance. The Native Americans believe that this energy tool when used it along with sage bring messages from the spiritual realm. Its soothing and natural energy shields the person who hold it with tranquility. It also provides the spirit with confidence to view situations from more understandable perspective.

This energy tool is used to burn sage, palo santo or any other sacred cleansing plant. It’s the perfect plate to catch the ashes and combine the energy of both sacred tools: The plant and the abalone!


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Abalone Shells are shelter for abalone, which means that this beautiful tool carrIes the energy of security and protection. In the ancient culture of Native Americans, this is a sacred tool that has been used for centuries to bring messages from the spiritual. The soothing energy of abalone shells shields you from negativity and bring peace, calm, compassion, comprehension and love.

Many cultures see abalone as a representative of water, and water is the one who domesticates the flames of one’s emotional conflicts.


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