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Have you ever wanted to have a quality time with Carmen to simply reconnect with your soul and see life from a new perspective? Do you need to have someone to chat with, who will hear you without judgment, will help you to release your fears and support you? Do you want to have a friend who can listen to you and at the same time guide you? Now you can!

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In a private session with Carmen, you will find the space where our innate potential can be healed, restored and transformed. Also, you can explore who you really are within; all your fears, hopes, and desires will be heard without judgment, shame or guilt. You will learn to walk towards your own change and empowerment, one step at a time.

Carmen conducts her sessions with a holistic approach, where all aspects of the individual’s emotional health are equally considered. She works in an open, collaborative and empathic manner. Clients always are assured of the highest discretion and confidentiality.

All of us have inner conflicts to overcome and we all can benefit when we exchange quality time with a person who is able to listen and guide from a higher perspective without any emotional involvement.  Carmen is a very respectful person, holding true admiration for those who actually take that step towards a real change.

Carmen is giving personal appointments in Southern California where she helps children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. And for those who are not in the area, she conducts her sessions via Skype.

(For more info please read the FAQ’s below).

We all desire a life filled with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. However, we are often blocked because of different reasons. During your session, you will be allowed to examine these wounds and fears and create the positive transformation you deserve.

You can benefit from an individual session with Carmen if:

  • You’re ready to embrace life from a different perspective.
  • You feel lost and directionless.
  • You are embedded in a soul-less job or relationship.
  • You feel disempowered in your life.
  • You are experiencing family issues.
  • You are ready to change and have a greater empowerment in your life.
  • You experience anger-management problems.
  • You wish to overcome your dependence on food.
  • You are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.
  • You cannot achieve your goals or manifest your deeper purpose.
  • And much, much more…



  1. How does it work? Once you decide to give yourself this precious gift and make your payment in our website, we will be notified that you chose to have a private session with Carmen and we will be contacting you via email to set up your appointment (Usually within the next 15 business days).   If you live in Southern California, we will be in touch with you to set up a person-to-person appointment and give you directions and time.  If you don’t live in the area, you also will get an appointment and your session will be conducted via Skype.
  2. If I’m having a session via Skype, how can I get in contact with Carmen?  After your appointment is scheduled, following you will be receiving an email with all the details, including the Skype contact information.
  3. How long will be our appointment duration? Up to 2 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Carmen do not represent herself to be a licensed professional counselor or psychiatrist. Carmen is well trained to offer her spiritual assistance within the framework of a peer relationship only. If you feel that your condition or circumstance is serious enough to warrant professional guidance counseling, formal psychological assistance, or psychiatric medical intervention, please consult with a fully accredited, credentialed, and licensed Care Provider. Carmen offers spiritual advice only on a person-to-person basis.


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