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Palo Santo is a great tool for energy clean. Palo Santo means “holy wood” and comes from a tree that is found in South America. It’s believed that when you burn Palo Santo, the smoke provides medicinal and therapeutic healing energy and also cleans negative energy and opens up the channels to abundance and fortune.

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Palo Santo (Holy Wood), release a sweet scent when is burned; it starts with a small fire that releases a subtle smoke creating an aura that cleans and helps the person using it to get inspired, open to creativity, clear any negative energy and bringing love and fortune.

The scent that Palo Santo creates induces the person who is using it into a mindful state of being. Inhaling the burnt scent of Palo Santo will help anyone to feel stress free and without any negativity. Allow its beautiful aroma to uplift your spirit.  Due to the numerous healing powers of Palo Santo, this sacred tree is treated in South America with consciousness and the natives there preserve and plant this tree constantly, taking out only the branches that are on the floor. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by shamans in sacred rituals leading it as an essential tool for healing, energy cleaning, creativity and good fortune.

Palo Santo has many uses: you can clean your house, office, car or any other space; it can also be an excellent tool to clean your crystals, helping to purify their energy when you first receive them, and periodically when their energy begins to feel heavy. It’s also used during meditation time. To use the powerful energy of Palo Santo, begin by lighting the palo santo stick and then wait for its flame to die out; Hold the Palo Santo stick in your hand or over any container and start placing your intention and smoking the area, crystal or aura. Depending on how big the cleansing area is or how many crystals you are going to clean, you may have to relight the stick a few times. Unlike sage, which continues to burn, palo santo is a bit more reluctant to hold a flame.

To learn more about Palo santo benefits, check out our blog post, “Palo Santo and Its benefits”. Our Palo Santo comes in a set of 5 sticks. All sales are final on this item.


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