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If you are looking for guidance, understanding and awakening, this program is just perfect for you!

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For those of you who are in that kind of moment in your life when you feel you want to have someone to listen and guide you, when you want to learn, grow, make changes or start a new path with someone’s guidance, this program is created for you! The mentorship program is designed to run on a monthly basis, without any obligation to have a minimum of months to work with Carmen. Take this program as a gift to yourself! (For more info please read the FAQ’s below).

What the program includes?

  • 1 Channeling.
  • Unlimited email access (Just perfect for quick questions).
  • 15% discount in all our products while enrolled in the program.
  • Guidance, answers.

*Your program starts right at the moment you make your payment and finishes 30 calendar days after.



  1. Once I make my payment, what is next? Once you decide to give yourself this precious gift we will be notified that you chose to enroll in the program.  Right after making your payment you must send an email to the following address: where you will be introducing yourself, what is going on in your life at the present moment, which area do you want to work on, learn or share with Carmen while you are enrolled in the program. Think about this email as a casual conversation with a new friend (Please, not more than one Word® page).
  2. How it works? After Carmen gets your email, she will be reading it and will proceed to answer not later than 2 business days. After that, both of you will be having regular emails that she will be reading and answering directly. Keep in mind that Carmen is the only one who has access to this email account, so she will be the only one reading your emails and all the information you exchange is very confidential between you and her.
  3. How long it will take Carmen to answer my emails? The first one won’t take more than 48 hours during business days. After that, your quick questions will be answered as soon as possible, not later than one business day. Carmen has a very busy agenda, but she will be answering to your questions within that time range.
  4. How do I communicate with Carmen?  Via email.   If both of you agree to have another way to communicate it will be fine, but it will depend on her schedule. For sure she will enjoy chatting with you, giving you guidance, answering your emails and having a new friend to chat: YOU! It’s her passion and her mission.
  5. How many days the program will run? 30 days starting at the moment you make your payment. After those 30 days, you are more than welcome to enroll again in the program if you need to.
  6. How do I get the channeling included in the program? Please send to Carmen’s email ( up to 4 questions about whatever you want to get guidance from your higher realms (please be clear and specific with your questions and do not exceed a maximum of one Word® page). After 2 to 3 business days she gets your questions, Carmen will be sending you an audio file (MP3) with your channeled messages to your personal email.

PLEASE NOTE: Carmen do not represent herself to be a licensed professional counselor or psychiatrist. Carmen is well trained to offer her spiritual assistance within the framework of a peer relationship only. If you feel that your condition or circumstance is serious enough to warrant professional guidance counseling, formal psychological assistance, or psychiatric medical intervention, please consult with a fully accredited, credentialed, and licensed Care Provider. Carmen offers spiritual advice only on an person-to-person basis.

3 reviews for Mentorship Program

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was facing many challenges in my life, I Googled and found her and I must admit I was in doubt but I did it anyway since I was desperate and let me tell you it’s the best investment I have being doing for myself. The peace I found is nothing compared with the investment I made; the patience Carmen has to answer my emails and questions, her understanding and, the most important, her guidance led me to improve a lot and to learn how valuable I Am. Thank you Carmen, can’t wait to meet you in person some day.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My life was chaos, my relationships all broken and she helped me to see that I must fix first my relationship with myself and then I would see a change. It was so true, I worked hand on hand with her for 3 months and today I can say I am not the same person I used to be when we began the program.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Carmen has a special gift that helps everyone who have the opportunity to interact with her. I took this program with her via online, without knowing her in person and I can say she is very compassionate, open, patient and wise person. This is the best investment I have being do it for my self and will be doing again and again every time my soul need it.

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