Meaning Of Love – Audio


In this audio, Carmen has channeled an incredible amount of information that has been sent to all of us about the meaning of love; the love that is beyond of what we can conceive and beyond of what our mind can imagine.

This audio is a gift that you may give to yourself. Enjoy it!

Duration: 9:11 min

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The meaning of love is a broad energy that can not even be explained in precise words because human language has many limitations. But when you are on a path of consciousness, you learn to expand your limited mind and begin to look at the world with eyes of compassion, giving you the opportunity to learn what the true meaning of love is.

This audio is an invitation to recognize who you are: You are magnificent, the most precious creature God has created; recognizing the magnificence that resides in you, you are choosing the path of LOVE.  Love is unconditional; start living your truth that way; you have forgotten what is to be loved without conditions and you must start learning that it’s possible.

You can listen as many times as you want this audio and thus learn the teachings of our Angels and light beings about love. In addition, every time you hear it you will be raising your vibration in LOVE and spreading this vibrant energy through the world.

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