Find the Fire Within – Men’s Lava Stone Stretch Bracelet


A rock formed from lava, a healing stone made from fire; emerging from inside Mother Earth, a volcano brings the force a man needs to be focused and bring his goals into fruition. This therapeutic stone can be combined with the healing properties of essential oils. Just add one drop of oil to each stone and it will diffuse for up to 3 days. An Angel charm is the completion of the force needed to keep going and the fusion of Mother Earth and higher dimensions. This is a powerful bracelet to carry on!
  • Lava: Transformation, Force, Confidence
  • Angel: Determination, Courage
  • Angel engraved in .925 Silver
  • Stones: 8 mm
  • Stretch Bracelet

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Lava is the stone of transformation. Connect with the energy of lava and ground yourself in the energy that will shift your mind. During difficult transitions, let this stone provide confidence, stability, and support. Lava brings calm, helps to set goals and focus on them; this stone lends you to feel encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward and pursuing progress.


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