Dream of Serenity – Stretch Bracelet – Angelite and Aquamarine


Allow your soul to relax, flow and manifest your dreams; trust in the infinite potential of the lotus flower. A stretch bracelet duo. Aquamarine delivers serenity and healing while angelite lends acceptance and compassion. Gold vermeil lotus flower charms symbolize new beginnings and infinite potential to enhance your journey. 

  • Lotus: New beginnings, infinite potential
  • Angelite: acceptance, compassion, truth.
  • Aquamarine: tranquility, peace, courage.
  • Lotus engraved in gold vermeil which is .925 Silver with 22K gold.
  • Stones: 7 and 8 mm

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Aquamarine, a naturally soothing spirit of the beautiful ocean vibrates the healing powers of life-giving waters of the Earth. When you wear this stone, it immediately reflect the calming effects of its water infused vibes. Known as the tranquilizer, aquamarine will allow you to go with the flow, relax and let the universe do its part.

Angelite the stone known as your crystal guardian angel, emits the gentle vibes that you need on those special moments where your spirit is going through difficult moments. Angelite helps to heighten your awareness, promotes compassion and peace. This is a powerful tool to help transform tension, anger and stress into understanding and forgiveness.


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