Divine Guidance – Rose Quartz & Garnet Necklace


A necklace that call for inconditional love, reflexion and inner security.  A Budha pendant that is a constant reminder to go inside and honor silence.The qualities of Rose Quartz go from inner peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and tolerance to increasing the ability to love oneself as well as others. Garnet energy helps to have positive thoughts, passion, self-confidence, romantic love, inner security, and vitality.

This shinning and vibrant necklace carries 144 gemstone beads which support unconditional love, centered, security and compassion. 

– Crystals: Rose Quartz & Garnet
– Material: 22kt Gold Vermeil
– Necklace length: 35″
– Budha Pendant Size: 5/8″



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A Budha symbol is the reminder to go inside yourself and listen to the silence. “It’s on the silence when we truly listen to our answers”.

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones associated with the heart chakra. The energy of this crystal vibrates in the frequency of unconditional love, and has the amazing property of restoring trust and is the constant reminder that “I AM LOVE”!  Rose quartz brings into balance the upper chakras with the lower chakras.

Garnet crystal helps to feel grounded and connected to the present moment; it also ignite positive thoughts, passion, self-confidence, romantic love, inner security, and vitality.  If you’re lacking in energy, this is the stone that will support you to get out of energy blockages within the body that are keeping you from your natural state of vitality and joy.

NOTE: All our jewelry is hand made by artisans who create the pendants and charms;  our gemstones come from small family operated mines who care about the crystals and mine with consciousness.

Every time you buy from us you are buying 100% real gemstones which are carefully cleaned, charged and programmed with positive intentions in our sacred room; at the same time you are supporting not only our family business, but also creating more job opportunities to other small businesses as well.


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