Deep Sky – Golden Stone & Sodalite Mala


Immerse in the deep of the sky were all the possibilities resides. Meditate on the beauty of the universe on each of the 108 beads composed by blue golden stone for confidence and empowerment, and accents of sodalite, stone of communication and truth.

  • Lotus: New beginnings, infinite potential
  • Golden Stone: Confidence, empowerment, light.
  • Sodalite: Communication, truth, harmony.
  • Lotus engraved in gold vermeil which is .925 Silver with 22K gold.
  • Stones: 8 mm
  • Length: 24″

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A mala is a fabulous tool for enhancing your meditation practice helping you to stay focused which can be also used as a pretty necklace in your daily life. A mala is a string of beads which contains 108 beads and in some cases, they can be divisible by 54 or 27. Each bead has a space between one another as they are strung together with silk thread and a knot in the middle. To wrap the mala and tie it together, there is a bead known as the “Guru” bead or “Meru” (Sanskrit for “Mountain Piece”) with a tassel strung off of it. The tassel is meant to represent one thousand lotus petals.

To meditate with a mala, you can start using a mantra (which is a repetitive phrase or word that helps to bring you back to the present state of mind) holding the mala in any hand at the bead that falls right after the guru bead. Then recite the mantra (which could be something like “I am strong”, “I am focused,” or “I let go and surrender”, among others) while holding each bead between the thumb and one of the fingers, moving from one bead to the next as you recite the mantra. Once you reach the guru bead you can just finish saying a special prayer or giving thanks.

Developing a daily meditation practice helps you to cultivate a more present, peaceful, and balanced lifestyle, which will bring you positive results out into every other aspect of your life.

To learn more about Malas and how to use them, please read our post “What is a Mala and How To Meditate Using A Mala” or just click here.


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