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Do you want to give something very special to someone who just need a message of hope, guidance, light, a positive word, in his/her life? A Box Of Hope is the perfect gift when you just want to bring light, happiness and hope to someone’s life..

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A Box Of Hope is an amazing gift you can send to someone you know for some reason is needing emotional support. Everyone at some point needs to hear the right words and guidance in order to keep moving forward with a better understanding of life, and what better than channeled wise words written in a beautiful piece of paper that goes inside an amazing peek-a-boo box. Why a peek-a-boo? Because when the person opens it, will be unveiling a message that will empower and give meaning to a specific situation.

Also, it comes with:

  • A beautiful Angel feather charm with the meaning of the Angel who is choosing to be inside the box.
  • A crystal stone representing Mother Earth and charged with the right energy that the person needs at that moment.

Each box is personalized for the person receiving it.  You can place an order for a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone you consider needs a very special and empowering gift.  Also, you can order it just for you and give it to yourself as the most precious gift.

When ordering a Box Of Hope you only need to give us a brief description of what is going on in the life of the person that will be receiving it and in that way Carmen will be channeling the message that better will help that person.

Please, allow up to 5 business days to deliver your Box Of Hope.



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