Auric Purifier (4 Oz) – To Clear and Uplift Energies


We crafted this pure herbal blend to be used to purify an area and/or yourself. Uplift and clear your aura using it during your bath time; you can also use it to clear your environment for general well being, release negative energies, cut energetic cords, have a clear space in your house and work, and also for meditation, massage, yoga, etc.

Size: 4 Oz

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The auric purifier is an ancient shamanic recipe made by maceration of various plants with cleansing properties. It’s crafted under the full moon surrounded by a beautiful ritual of prayers, symbols, and songs.



  • To clean your Aura at your bath time.
  • Energetic cleanse of houses, offices, cars, furniture or anything else.
  • Remove entities.
  • As a shield for protection.



The 4 Oz bottle is recommended for heavy energy concentrations;  in this case dissolve half of the Auric Purifier bottle in a bucket of abundant water; if it’s for personal use, take your regular bath and at the end pour the mixed liquid down from your shoulder (NEVER USE IT ON YOUR HEAD) and leave it on you (you can dry with a towel but not rinse until your next bath).

If you are going to use it to clean a space, prepare it by diluting half of the Auric Purifier bottle in abundant water in a bucket and sprinkle it with a mop or simply with a cleaning cloth as when removing the dust.

Note: The 4 Oz presentation is good for up to 2 energetic cleanings of personal spaces or 2 baths.



When using this product make sure you call for the help and support of light beings; Archangel Michael presence is very useful when doing a cleanse. You can also pray your own affirmation or say something like this: “I clear and release all the energies that no longer serve this place or my highest good. I invite all the light beings and divine energies to support, guide and protect my life”.



  • Release, cut and clear negative energies and cords.
  • Invite the presence of the light and positive energy to your Aura and/or space.
  • Provides Divine protection.



  • Since the mix has been prepared using alcohol with the blend of plants, it could damage white surfaces and also items that cannot be in contact with alcohol.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • FLAMMABLE, so please do not use or store it close to fire, candles, or stoves.



Alcohol, Salvia, Lemon Balm, Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium, Rue.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical product. If you see any reaction please stop the use immediately and consult your doctor. This product is only for external use and energy cleanse purposes.


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