Angel Feather Charm – Archangel Michael


Protection, courage, confidence and safety. Life purpose guidance.

Color: Navy Blue

Under the safety and protection of Archangel Michael, I am strong and have the courage to express my truest self and realize my fullest potential in all areas of my life.

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This is a charm that can be used as a reminder that we are always protected, guided and surrounded by the lovely energy and presence of Archangel Michael.

You can use it on your purse, hang it in your car, put it under your pillow or in your night table, have it on your altar or just use it and take it in your hand during your meditation and/or prayer time.

This lovely feather is also a perfect gift idea for that person who needs the presence of their Angels in his/her life; it’s a beautiful souvenir for your family, friend and social events, spiritual and yoga retreats, reunions, among others. It could also be a lovely present for that person you want to express gratitude or means a lot to you.


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